Hello Kitty! It’s Time For More ASHMOOT & .::CODED::.

jan-16th-2017-ashmoot-1Photo By: Damien K Tepes


♥ Overalls – I_COLL_Down Overalls ASHMOOT@DESIGERS CIRCLE-last round (If you have never shopped at ASHMOOT I suggest you take a trip inworld to her store, you will not believe the reasonable prices & the cute designs! Kristabel keeps the inventory fresh with cute styles)

♥ Top – “Knotted Crop Tank- Hello Kitty” @.::CODED::. (ever since I blogged about the SLEEK event December and tried a .::CODED::. top I was hooked! So I ran to the inworld store & picked up two more with different logos. I wear Lara by Maitreya and these tops fit me perfectly! The detail is crisp and legible & the choices are outstanding! ♥ you .::CODED::. I need to  buy more!!

♥ Heels – “POM Heels” @REIGN

♥ Necklace – “Home Necklace”@(YUMMY)

♥ Headband – “VIGGI” @LaGyo

♥ Pocketbook –  Bay Bag

♥ Choker – “Native Choker By Imbue.”Gacha@N21 (past)

♥ Lipstick – “Glossy Glam” @!IT!

♥ Lolly – “Pink Lolly” past gacha ChicChica 

♥ Earrings – “Little Flower Earrings” @IZZIES

♥ Hair – “Nova” @LittleBones





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