“Break It Off Boy, This Has Got Me Feeling Naughty, I Wanna Know Boy If I Can Be Your Shorty”……By Rihanna

jan-16th-2017-ab-5Photo By: Damien K Tepes


♥ Bodysuit – “Capricci Set” [AB]@OhMyGacha (this  mesh outfit is beautiful for a gacha its high quality and gorgeously  detailed)

♥ Heels – “Danny Heels”@[BREATHE]MarketPlace

♥ Hair – “Lana”@LittleBones

♥ Headband – “Grosgrain Crystal Heart Headband” By LaGyo (past gacha)

♥ Stockings – ” Sweet Heart Stockings” HolliPockets@OhMyGacha

♥ Glasses – “Lace Glasses” by @{BunBun}

♥ Choker – “Pink Lady Choker” By {U.R.}@{U.R.}

♥ Arm Cuff – “Double Arm Cuff” @.LUXE

♥ Body – “Lara” @Maitreya

♥ Head – “Destiny” @CATWA

♥ Nails – “Golden Bows”@={ZOZ}=

♥ Lipstick – “CATWAHOLIC”#14 By: @!IT!

♥ Earrings – “Phe Luna” Baubles@TheChapterFour

♥ Fur – “Sexy Fur Stole” @*T.Whore*

♥ Rings – “The Pink Thing Ring #5”!IT!@OhMyGacha (I love these cute rings I wish I was able to complete the collection!)



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