Woo Hoo!! A New Yummy Subscription Box For December!! BISHBOX! Hella Yeahh!



OMG!! May I go on about this fabulous box? Seriously if BISH BOX Came out  twice a month I’d be there standing in line to buy  them both! As you may or may not know BishBox  December was the very first for this subscription. Sincerely this box is so “me”! I subscribe to around 7 boxes per month in RL and enjoy the excitement of when they arrive in my mailbox and the surprise of what’s inside too.  So I was all for  subscription boxes in SL “sign me up!” Well, I can most definitely say BishBox is above and beyond a fabulously, flawless, fashion forward, box jammed full of yumminess! Let’s not forget all the other goodies included too like accessories, appliers, hairs and holdables!


What Is BishBox?

BishBox is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh clothing, accessories, skins, shoes, and hair for the wild and crazy grrrrls in Second Life. Using the same successful formula as SwagBag and Deco(c)rate, BishBox will deliver 15 top quality semi-exclusive items from SL’s best female designers directly to your inventory every month.

How Do I Subscribe?

BishBox systems are fully automated and run off custom built servers by MadPea Events. There’s no group space needed! Just visit one of the in-world kiosks at the BishBox HQ or one of the participating stores to register your subscription.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pre-orders of BishBox are discounted 50% and their cost is 1500l per month. If you wish to purchase a past month’s box (after the boxes have been delivered), you can do so at a kiosk in the BishBox HQ priced at 3000l per box.

BishBox December  Outfit #1

bishbox-dec-2016-1Photos By: Justin Meyer


♥ Jacket – “Swear Dita Cropped Jacket” L+B@BishBox This adorably hot jacket comes with a pretty awesome hud. It’s pretty amazing I used the hud here in the photo with black leather & leopard collar accent. Just too fabulous!

♥ Booties – “Oregon Booties” Essenz@BishBox (How cute are these?)

♥ Shades  – “Ghiaccio Catene Frame” ( So SWEET!)(YUMMY)@BishBox

♥ Necklace & Ring  – “Bitch Jewelry” Kibitz@BishBox  (so hot & bitchin’ I adore this set!)

♥ Hair – “Its Cold Outside” DOE@BishBox (flawless hair and delightful hud for the cap)

♥ Shorts – “Jennifer” @[Glitzz]

♥ Lipstick – “Glossy Glam” @!IT!


BishBox December Outfit #2




♥ Pants – Katy Pants .FAWNY@BishBox (beautifully designed pants)

♥ Top/vest – “Sindy_Pearl_Fur Top” United Colors@BishBox (OMG this  top comes with pearls you can wear very foxy!)

♥ Hair – “Kimmy” MINA@BishBox (gosh this hair by Mina is perfect the bangs are a nice  change & I love all the shades included) 

♥ Jewelry – “Bitch” Kibitz@Bishbox ( like I said amazingly fabulous jewelry)

♥ Heels – “Dahlia” Phedora@BishBox (dang these heels are so pretty and the hud has limitless combinations it seems appropriate for all kinds of outfits)

♥ Earmuffs – “Posh Earmuffs” RAZOR@BishBox (when I opened the RAZOR box I was  simply floored these  earmuffs are fluffy puffs of cuteness)

♥ Bra – “Eli Bra” @SPIRIT


BishBox December #3 Outfit



♥ Dress – “Morissette Dress” {SYS}@BishBox ( Whoa, this  dress is something! Salty Hot Tamale Saucy Dress! Need I say more?)

♥ Heels – “Dahlia Heels” Phedora@BishBox (loving these heels, we’ll get a lot of use out of these versatile shoes with scrumptious  hud)

♥ Shades – “Ghiaccio Cateye Frames”(YUMMY)@BishBox (too cute I’ve been wearing these glasses lots!)

♥ Poodle – “Snow White Winter Poodle” [BlackBantam]@BishBox (like all [Black Bantam] items  I love this amazingly realistic poodle!)

♥ Hair – “Kimmy”MINA@BishBox (Brillant & Classy) 

♥ Jewelry – “Bitch Jewelry Set” Kibitz@BishBox (what girl wouldn’t love this set – the necklace & ring are dazzling)




                    *I CANT WAIT FOR JANUARY’s*  

♥Thank you BishBox People for bringing us a trendy hot box of goodness!!!  I won’t miss out  buying these boxes at all, I’ll be  first in line!!♥






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