“Out In The Club, And I’m Sippin’ That Bub And You’re Not Gonna Reach My Cell No Mo”

dec-18th-2016-5b-_cd_Photos By: Eline Criss Photography


♥ Dress – “Stella Party Dress” _CD_@C88

♥ Heels – “Linda” @CandyDoll

♥ Hair – “Elle” @LittleBones

♥ Headband, Choker, Earrings – “Crystal/Grosgrain” LaGyo@Crossroads (gacha)

♥ Cellphone – “Winged Cell” {BUNBUN} gacha

♥ Glasses – “Harman Glasses”MULLOY@COSMO(past round)


“Just a second
It’s my favorite song they’re gonna play
And I cannot text you with
A drink in my hand, eh
You shoulda made some plans with me
You knew that I was free
And now you won’t stop calling me
I’m kinda busy”

Lady GaGa


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