An Interview With Dann About Men’s Wear On Second Life

interviewPhotos By:Eleni Criss Photography

Lately I’ve happen to hear the same complaint from a lot of men on Second Life. They’ve  remarked about the lack of good high quality events for mens clothing and accessories on SL. It was brought to my attention that there are limited styles but, most guys seem to want the same fashion they would wear in RL. Unfortunately, most events and stores are geared towards us girls (I’m not complaining LOL :P) but I can see how the men of Second Life might get frustrated with the limited clothing they have to choose from. Because of this I decided to interview a friend Dann and share it with you my followers, perhaps I’ll interview more men about this subject. My hope is that you find this interesting and it gives a voice to those of you that would agree and possibly some event owners and stores will heard the need for more male clothing and events.

Cherri: How long have you been on SL and have you seen any changes good or bad regarding mens wear?……..
Dann: A little over six years now. Good, the selection and amount of stores are much better now. Bad, with the new mesh. It has become harder to find clothes, because not every store might carry the type of clothing needed for your mesh skin requirements.

Cherri : After hearing many complaints from a lot of guys about the lack of events and men new “up to date styles”, have you ever requested designers to improve their styles or asked event mangers to increase  the amount of events geared towards men…….
Dann: I’ve passed note cards to a few stores about the way things fit and the bad things about wearing their clothes. But no I’ve never asked them to improve the styles. And I’ve never asked event managers to gear events towards men. After all if they gear them towards women, then the men will come to their events.

 Cherri: What kind or types of clothing and accessories would you most like to see ?…
Dann: I think most men would like to see anything thats more RL normal than just jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes. If you buy other types of clothing it normally cost much more

Cherri: Which events, prepaid boxes (ex. SwagBag) do you think are most geared towards men & the styles you think most men want? How can they improve?
Dann: Well my opinion is that normal every day wear, things like rings, necklaces,hats.Ball caps that actually fit and dont look like a weird helmet. Just a better variety of clothing and accessories that the designers actually put some thought into. Women’s clothing seems that  designers spend a lot more time as far as fit and function. …….

Cherri: How do you feel about mesh clothing and bodies? How can designers improve on men appliers for mesh bodies?
Dann: So far I really like the detailing and the fit of most of the mesh clothing. I’ve had to replace for my new mesh skin. However, I can only buy clothing for the type of skin I have. So that limits my choices as well as others in SL. If there was a way that several different types of appliers and types could be more universal that would be great. Right now there are just a small amount of stores where I can buy clothes. But it seems to be growing more and more each week.
I would like to add that Niramyth AESTHETIC bodies has a wall full of vendors that support their Advanced Mesh Body System. Although not all of them seem to be up and running yet.
I have found really good quality AESTHETIC clothes at Caligua Mens clothing at the New York Shopping Mall inworld.
Also two vendors and designers of AESTHETIC clothing are Izzy ( Isadora Adagio ) at PUMP Clothing Co. Mikolish Orion who owns Mikolishous Design at Tru Prism Island..both of these designers will go out of there way to make sure you get high quality clothing at a great price and can bundle items especially for the buyer.
Cherri: Well thats fantastic! Its good to hear some designers are looking out for you men.Hopefully more events and prepaid boxes will be geared towards guys. I do think one of the main reasons most designers, events and prepaid boxes are primarily women oriented is because girls have purchasing power that is far greater then men. I myself am addicted in SL & to shopping. Thank you Dann for taking part in this interview and enlightening me and the followers about the predicament men on SL have, I appreciate you taking the time  to make this interview possible.


Haha… we get the hint Dann! You guys have very little to wear here on SL compared to us girls.


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