My 1st Forest Event

DEC 1st #2 Forest event .jpgAll Photos On This Page By: Eleni Criss Photography

This was  my first “Forest Event” (prepaid event) I liked the items they were beautifully made but   most weren’t what I would typically wear. I  would recommend this event to a younger maybe “tweenie” avi. I did find a few  things that can be incorporated into my wardrobe. All in all it was an enjoyable experience and I ‘m glad I tried it out.

 Outfit #1

♥ Dress – “Dokimeki Dress” .OFFBEAT.@Forest Event November 

♥ Hair –  “Helena” Pr!tty@The Forest Event November

♥ Socks – “Catmas Socky” {Luxury}Past Fifty Liden Friday 

♥ Hat – “Hades Wide Brim Hat” @-DavidHeather-

♥ Snowman – “Sweet Lies #4” *SL*@Whimsical

♥ Lipstick – “Glossy Glam Lipstick” !IT!@Lost&Found (past round)


DEC 1st 2016 Forest event #2 B.jpg


Forest Event Con….

Outfit #2

Dec 8th 2016 FOREST ****.jpg


♥ Sweater & Skirt Set – “Over Knit Skirt & Sweater” Miawa’s Airship@ The Firest Event November 

♥ Shoes – “Emmy Flats” [BREATHE]@The Forest Event November

♥ Hair- “Aspen” Wasabi Pills@The Forest Event November

♥ ClutchBag – “Gussie Bag” G+D@LOST&FOUND (past round)

♥ Lipstick – “Glossy Glam Lipstick” !IT!@LOST&FOUND


DEC8th 2016 * Forest*.jpg


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