Great Find!!”Sweet E’s” Love This Store I Just Found Out About

I’m sure a lot you have heard about this divine store and the owner Elyse Dundee but I unfortunately haven’t until recently. Where have I been? This store is fabulous! I was taken back by this delicately designed wrap dress and to find out it was a “gift” OMG!! Please visit Elyse’s store and look at all the delicious clothing. At the moment theres a beautiful gift filled advent calendar at the store for group members  so hurry down and enjoy! sweet-es-store   Sweet E’s Store Inworld


Sweet E’s Wrap Dress: Amazingly beautiful & free!!

nov-15th-2016-9Photo By: Damien K. Tepes Photography


♥ Dress – “Sweet E’s Wrap Dress”  (In the GG section upstairs)@Sweet E’s

♥ Heels – “Ellie” @[BREATHE]MP

♥ Hair – “Alice” -FABIA-@Sad Nov (past)

♥ Flowers – “Daisies”  @SecretStore (Gacha at mainstore)

♥ Choker – “Rose Choker” @YUMMY (love this very vintage choker)


Really Cute Jeans ( you really have to see these on they look so beautiful!)

dec-1st-2016-sweet-e-jeansPhoto By: Eleni Criss Photography



♥ Bottoms – “Sweet E’s Skinny Embroidered Jeans”@Sweet E’s

♥ Top – “Foxeh Miss Top” (Inner lace – rare gacha) @HolliPocket

♥ Hair – “Alice” -FABIA-@Sad Nov (past)

♥ Bracelet Cuff – “Delilah” BY Euphorie@BoHo Fair 

♥ Nails – “Annies Crown Jewels”@{ZOZ}






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