Goddess Of Light

nov-15th-2016-5Photo By: Damien K. Tepes Photography


♥ Gown – “Vermon Gown” JustBecause@C88 (gorgeous gown with hud for the snake)

♥ Headpiece –  “Daintree Headpiece” PurpleMoon@Chapter4 (Beautiful headpiece with a wide variety of selections on the hud)

♥ Hair – ” Sari” @TableauVivant

♥ Earrings – “Mani” *Promagic*@Crossroads

♥ Bracelet – “Delilah Cuff” By Euphorie Past BoHo Culture Fair 

♥ Choker – “Kylie Choker” @Amala (I bought both the thin & thick versions for only 50L past Fifty Linden Friday) Fantastic deals at FLF I always check “Seraphim” for events & ongoing specials FLF@”SERAPHIM”



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