Miss Cherri Bunny Looking 4 Her “Hoppy” Ending

oct-18th-2016-18Photo By: Serenitee

Q: Did you hear what happened to the Energizer Bunny?
A: He got arrested for Battery. LOL!


♥ Collar – “Bunny Collection Collar” _CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Socks – “Bunny Collection Fishnet Socks” _CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Cuffs – “Bunny Collection Cuffs” _CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Heels – “Bunny Collection Heels” _CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Shorts – “Bunny Collection Shorts”_CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Top – “Bunny Collection Bra” _CD_@EPIPHANY

♥ Ears – “Bunny Collection Ears” _CD_@EPIPHANY

(All above are gacha at EPIPHANY)






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