“Second Life Emotions & Feelings”

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♥ Skirt & Sweater – “Autumn” =ZENITH=@C88

♥ Boots – “Autumn Long Boots & Socks” =ZENITH= @C88

♥ Hair – “Hayeong” [MINISO]@C88

♥ Barettes – Autumn Leaves” @Hallows Gacha Guild (gacha)

♥ Bracelet – “Kira” Minimal@Fameshed


~A Bit Of A Diversion

This post is going to be a little different from my typical posts, as you all may know I LOVE shopping & fashion to the point of an addiction in RL & SL. But today I decided to share with you another subject about Second life. For some time I’ve thought I’d like to find a forum in which I can express my feelings about being a part of  Second Life. Now, I find this is the the perfect time and place.

    You know its a funny thing for years I’ve happen to come upon people on SL that call it a “game” (I guess like Mario Brothers or Candy Crush-LOL!) and thats about as far as Second Life goes for them. When questioned, they claim not to have any feelings or emotional ties to SL but personally I find that impossible. Why would these people return day after day, month after month, year after year? 

   My view on what people say about having absolutely no personal sentiment is a cop out. Anyone that’s a Second Lifer just has to have an iota of some sort of feeling or some type of ties, right? Let’s face it, any breathing human can see how easily one can be swept up in the aspects of SL. Whether for example it be RP and developing skills and learning teamwork or mastering strategies. There must be a feeling of accomplishment and perhaps joy in that. How about the ups and downs of daily friendships on Second Life there again feelings or emotions are involved. The utter beauty and sense of awe within the creative & artsy part of SL: music, photography, nature, fantasy, and that overwhelming feeling of bewilderment and wonder of finding that exquisite sim which is both moving and picturesque. I must protest!! I do not think they’re being true to themselves. (Oh, of course romance too. I should include romance  but I’ll put that on the back-burner for now.)

   There’s something I would like to speak about as far as emotions and feeling that develop in SL and touch our RL, that is kindness. Kindness as in friendship, I’m very lucky to have one true bestie on SL we’ve shared many things, weddings, births, heartbreak, happiness, laughter, and tears. When she has had difficult times in SL or RL I sympathized with her and ponder about the situation in my everyday life in SL and RL the same for her happiness. Friendships are a huge part of SL and sharing each others experiences.

   Once in while you come across a person on SL that shows their mean uncaring side. Unfortunately those occasions stick out and are difficult for me to understand, then suddenly like a cool refreshing breeze, a stranger comes along and offers help and friendship. I’ve encounter this act of kindness quite a few times and decided to mention just the recent ones. Hence my reason for posting this rant. One of these per chance meetings was at an event, I was off on a shopping trip to Fameshed I think, I couldn’t see for beans since my SL was rezzing sloooow (what else is  new in SL haha) and I asked in local “can anyone please tell me where a “certain” kiosk is”. Of course I got the usual typical wise answers from people, then miraculously  someone was sweet enough to answer me (Ivey Bling). Ivey was a  sweetheart and caring person among all the aloof and impervious crowd.  Thank you Ivey for being so kind to help I hope she’ll feel free to ask me if she ever needs help in return. We had a short  friendly conversation and went on our way.  Then the other day in one of the groups I was asking if anyone bought a certain dress at C88 it was fitting my Maitreya body strange  (btw did you know the word Maitreya means: According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor to the present Buddha enlightening huh? I never  knew that before) and then again someone reached out to help me  not only help but she TPed me to her home (which was fantastically decorated just spooktacularly  for  Halloween may I mention) and not only made suggestions that helped but told me I was free to go to her home and use any of her pose stands if I wished anytime. Honest who offers that? Amazing! Thank you Sherlyndrea!! Thank you both Ivey & Sherlyndrea! Thank you both for showing kindness. There are many others I haven’t mentioned & to each of you I thank you for being  friendly and giving. It was my focus  to speak on how moving it can be when someone shows kindness I hope others have felt that way when I’ve been friendly to them, I truly appreciate kindness very much.

   So indeed being a part of  Second Life as far as I’m concerned is an investment in emotions caring people as Ivey & Sherlyndrea accentuates the positive side of SL life and RL while helping minimize the negative things in SL and RL well at least for me. I hope  we all remember that while going about our SL and RL. SL fills that inner void we have or a need I’m grateful for being part of Second Life,  Much Friendship & Happiness to all of you.♥

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.’
If you want happiness for a day — go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.”
Chinese Proverb

oct-10th-2016-blog-15  “Most of us have had our share of heartbreak as well”




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