“I’m Just A Girl”

“Take The Pink Ribbon Of My Eyes

I’m Exposed, And It’s No Big Surprise

Don’t You Think I Know Exactly Where I Stand?

The World Is Forcing Me To Hold Your Hand

Cause I’m Just A Girl, Old Little Old Me

Don’t Let Me Out Of Your Sight 

I’m Just A Girl All Pretty And Petite 

So Don’t Let Me Have Any Rights”

(Gwen Stefani)

blog-pic-sept-27th-2016-20Photo By: @Serenitee Bliss


♥ Shorts – “BoHo Swear Shorts” @L&B @Ulta

♥ Bodysuit – “I’m Yours” @1Hundred Store

♥ Heels – “Imias” @HUCCI

♥ Choker – “Leather String Choker”**RE**@WhoreCouture

♥ Purse Necklace – “Chic”AXIX@Ulta






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