~~Leaves Of Gold, Yellow, Red & Orange.. These Are The Colors Of Autumn~~ Beautiful Fall Wardrobe From ASHMOOT!!!

blog-sept12th-ashmoot-2016Photo By: Serenitee Bliss@50ShadesOfSerenitee


♥ASHMOOT!!!!! This is such a cute outfit from Kristabel Ashmoot & as always each piece is reasonably priced and such a nice variety of mix & match pieces to choose from!! I want them all! @ColorMeProject till September 20th so hurry!!


♥ Skirt – “Belted Skirt” ASHMOOT@ColorMeProject

♥ Bodysuit – “Trikini#7” ASHMOOT@ColorMeProject

♥ Earrings – “2 Leafs Earrings” ASHMOOT@ColorMeProject

♥ Necklace – “Chain Intrigue Necklace” ASHMOOT@ColorMeProject

♥ Bag – “Leather Bag” ASHMOOT@ColorMeProject

♥ Headband – GroupGift @MAGIKA

♥ Glasses – “Lissa Cat Glasses” @[ZOOM]

♥ Heels – “Diane” @JamBee




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